What's right for you? 

Finding the renewable energy system to fit your needs

Renewable Energy, what's right for you?

Start Small, With The Option To Grow Exponentially!

Investment in renewable energy technologies has always been thought of as an expensive start-up, that requires close to or millions of dollars. GMc Energy Limited is providing simple building blocks to achieve your energy independence, without breaking the bank. You are given the freedom to decide how much you are comfortable with investing and the components you want to begin with. Most importantly, no matter how small you start, you are receiving a fully operational system and saving money.
Alpha Systems.

These start at 2 panels and an inverter to power you through the daytime. Need more, you can go up to 8 panels and 4 inverters giving much more energy during the day.The minimum cost of a 2 panel alpha system is $80,000+GCT, this is with a lease agreement on the inverter. Without a lease agreement this system comes fully installed at $122,150 +GCT. This is a great starting point for small end users and new to renewable energy. This is designed to provide a fully installed, operational system and the lowest starting cost and the option to easily scale to a larger system.

Sigma Systems

This is a step up from the alpha system being that we are adding blocks/elements to the alpha system. These include a wind and or battery elements and is an effective way to grow your alpha system's capacity. This is the prefect combination of wind solar and back-up power. Ensuring 24/7 power and can be scaled to meet any demand.

Building you Sigma System:

Compared to the Alpha level, Sigma systems aren't limited to just panels and inverters. Within this lies the opportunity to maximize on two natural resources in one step and also add storage for future use. If so desired as well, the most comprehensive off-grid application is born at this level.

The option is available to all of the following in an array that is suited to your needs:
1. Wind turbindes
2. Battery Bank
3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 
4. Of course the lease program for inverters is included for these systems

The mobile mill is one of the many types of Omega systems that can be designed,built and commissioned. Speak with us today and get the power solution for your project!
Delta and Omega Systems

Delta systems are designed with a commercial application in mind, or for persons with existing systems who wish to upgrade or add more elements. Much like the sigma system, we can add combine several elements, to create a new system or add to an existing system.

Omega Systems much like the Delta systems take on a more commercial and/or specialty function. Designs range from watts to megawatts and are customized to fit specialized functions, with applications ranging from mobile power units to community scale micro grid or even powering cell towers. These are stand-alone off grid solutions, the applications of which are endless.

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Worried about your system's safety during an hurricane. We got you covered! Your Solarmill comes ready to brace any weather and can easily be broken down for safe storage
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