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“I have invested so much money in alternate energy solutions, and I have seen no changes in my bills!”


At GMc ENERGY we commit to helping our customers reap real returns on their investment in energy solutions so they won't have to waste money or energy again.

With a robust background in Customer Service and Utilities, we know the importance of taking the time to help each client understand how they use energy and to find the best solution for their specific needs.

who we are

We are not equipment salesmen. We work to provide real energy solutions, so our success is measured against your satisfaction. With a broad reach across the energy spectrum and sufficient experience to identify the best suppliers we provide “consider it done” services, specializing in civil electrical or equipment installation and maintenance.


Our Energy Measurement services include energy audits, awareness training, remote energy monitoring  and equipment control . Now even measuring your energy with Individual Meters is easy with our professional team. We helped shopping and office complexes with single meters to better measure their energy consumption through the installation of independent meters.

One example is the shopping complex ‘Shoppes at Rosehall’  in St. James, Jamaica, which is comprised of approximately 38 Retail/ Administrative/ common areas. The facility has a single meter and the management wanted to improve the allocation of maintenance charges based on the actual consumption of energy. 

All 38 Spaces were individually metered to a very high professional standard with three phase circuits, giving them the capacity to:
· Read meters directly
· Read meters remotely ( from the administrative office)
· Read meters remotely anywhere in the world via internet
· Provide third party meter reading and reporting services

Beyond the capture of energy data this system has provided invaluable information for energy efficiency improvements and the monitoring and control of all habitable spaces.

ProducE Energy 24/7

SolarMill is the Hybrid renewable energy system that can power up anything from single family homes to large commercial plants. It is a  wind and solar power generator with a modular design which allows you to scale up production by simply adding more units as your needs grow. Best of all, beats solar-only solutions on bleak days, starry nights or even in gentle wind conditions.

view a commercial scale power mill

More eco friendly power solutions 

Hybrid Solution is the back up power system that keeps the lights on in the event of an outage. You won't even know there's a power cut as this virtually silent unit instantly and automatically switches on and powers lights and your appliances including your laptop, wireless modems and refrigerator.

Low Maintencance, small and easy to charge with a SolarMill, this handy unit can be installed in homes or offices to help you power up your home when in any energy emergency. GMcEnergy is the official distributor of the eMPOWER in the Caribbean.

save Energy

We recommend and install lighting solutions that save energy and money. These include
- Power sensors/ timers
- Power-factor Analysis and Correction
- Audit, Recommend and Install Energy Efficient Appliances e.g. Inverter and Hybrid Air-conditioners and Solar Water Heaters

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