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Smart energy solutions for your home or business. We provide forward thinking renewable energy solutions that are easy to install and maintain. 


Keep up to date with all the latest deals and savings. Something great is always just a click away!


You can design your own solar system. Yes, you! Use our calculator to help design a system according to your energy usage.


Unsure about what you need? Speak with an energy expert today! Come to us or we can come to you. Use the link below to book an appointment. 


Thank you for the maintenance of the air conditioner and the batteries.

Both technicians were very thorough in how they performed their jobs.


The PV system has shared with JPS 7.4MWh in just over 365 days compared to 7.5MWh pulled from JPS in 12 years! I'm very happy with the service and my investment.


35kW Installation JMMB Haughton Terrace
Solar water heater installation Discovery Bay
10kW Installation Caribbean Estate
GMC Energy pergola Solar PV Installation
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-21 at 16.56.03
35 kW Solar PV Installation GMc Energy Ltd
35kW Installation JMMB Haughton Terrace
10kW grid-tied installation Swallowfield Chapel
10kW grid-tied installation Paisley All-Age School
10kW Installation Caribbean Estate
6kW Grid-tied installation The Sanctuary in Stewart Town St. Mary
4-panel micro grid-tied System
2-panel micro grid-tied installation Portmore
4SM-12P Wind/Solar Hybrid Installation
3kW grid-tied solar installation Ashton St. Elizabeth
9 kW Hybrid System Richmond Estate, St. Ann
83kW grid-tied installation May Pen Hospital
10kW grid-tied installation Moore Town Primary
Haiti Rural Electrification Project-Solar PV/Wind Hybrid System 160kW
SolarMill Argentina Installation
7kW grid-tied system Sir John Golding Rehab Centre
8kW Hybrid installation with 20 kWh lithium battery pack
70kW grid-tied installation National Chest Hospital
5kW Hybrid installation
8kW Hybrid installation with 10kWh lithium battery pack
83kW grid-tied installation May Pen Hospital Pergola
5kW Hybrid installation Jewel Estate, Bog Walk
83kW grid-tied installation May Pen Hospital
3kW grid-tied installation Aston st. elizabeth
1kW grid-tied installation Kingston
2kW grid-tied installation Phoenix Park
10kW grid-tied installation Naggo Head Primary School
10kW grid-tied installation Naggo Head Primary School


Suite CU1, Sovereign Village Center, Portmore Pines, St. Catherine, Jamaica WI.

876-960-1254, 786-581-5526

WhatsApp: 876-427-4786

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