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About Us

Service Through Partnership

GMc Energy was founded to bridge the gap between everyday Jamaicans and renewable energy technology. Our approach is to first help persons become energy efficient and understand solar technology. An informed customer makes informed decisions and can independently choose what is right for their budget and needs. Our aim is simple, independent power generation for all! Starting small and growing, we are making it possible for persons to become energy independent and get protection from future high rate increases in energy cost.

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Our Story

GMc Energy Ltd was founded in January 2016 with the mission of demystifying energy-related issues and providing greater access to cleaner energy solutions. Too often solar energy is marketed as an expensive solution, that requires a million-dollar investment. We were one of the first companies that introduced low-cost solar PV systems, that were scalable and provided sufficient savings from which system upgrades could be funded.


We are not only a solar energy company, since our launch GMc Energy has provided consulting services to utilities and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico, and Dominica. As well as business development services to a diverse range of small to medium-sized local businesses.

We have fostered partnerships that bring to our customers the most technologically advanced energy solutions. That are cost-effective, practical, and comprehensive. Our product line includes the Solar Mill, a compact hybrid of wind and solar energy that is scalable, low maintenance, and quiet compared to other wind energy products. In operation now, is a 160kW Solar Mill system in Haiti, a program that preluded the roll out of a country-wide micro-grid development in collaboration with the private sector and government. 

Our Clients

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